Range extender WS320 by HUAWEI Sold Out
Range extender WS320 by HUAWEI Sold Out

Key Features:

  • Simple Plug in installation (UK 3-Pin Plug)
  • WPS Pairing - Easy push button configuration
  • Support for WEP, TKIP AES encryption
  • Supports all common WiFi standards
  • Up to 150m WiFi Range
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Wireless Range Extender – Booster , TP Link TL-WA850RE Sold Out
Wireless Range Extender – Booster , TP Link TL-WA850RE Sold Out
The TL-WA850RE is designed to conveniently extend the coverage and improve the signal strength of an existing wireless network to eliminate “dead zones”, help users maintain an existing wireless network and vastly improve the network’s coverage. With 300 Mbps wireless 802.11n speeds, it is ideal for smooth High Definition video, music streaming and online gaming.
Flexible deployment - The device's miniature size and wall-mounted design make it easy to deploy and move flexibly. What's more, the TL-WA854RE's profile function remembers previously paired wireless networks, meaning there is no need to reset the device when changing the paired router. Plug and Play - With no new wires or cables, within range of their existing wireless network, users can easily extend wireless coverage at a push of the WPS button on their router followed by the Range Extender button on the TL-WA854RE or vice versa. An additional push of the pair button can quickly establish an encrypted connection with client devices. Smart Signal Indicator Light - 5 signal lights represent the current signal strength that TL-WA854RE receives from existing router, which can help to find the right location to place the range extender so that the TL-WA854RE can achieve the best possible range and performance of the network For more information click here here for the TP Website
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